Factory Trained Services

Lightning Mechanical is the exclusive provider of Daikin factory-trained service and maintenance in the New York Metro City tri-state area. Factory-trained service technicians are professionals trained by the manufacturer to maintain and repair HVAC systems with OEM tools following procedures developed by the system designers. They get to learn the ins and outs of each product, how it is designed, assembled, tested, and what it takes to keep them running indefinitely. 

Factory Trained Services
Factory Trained Services

The Benefits of Factory-Trained Service Engineers

Factory training programs are designed to ensure that factory-trained technicians have the skills they need to repair your equipment faster and with fewer disruptions for you, including minimal or no downtime. A factory-trained technician gets familiar with all aspects of his product line during the factory-training program so he can provide the highest level of service to you.

When our factory-trained engineers work on your system, they use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that are factory tested and approved for use in their product lines. They are pitted against the most common (and some uncommon) failure scenarios and taught to address them quickly. Most major manufacturers have procedures and techniques to repair their product line, and our technicians internalize them throughout their training. The result is increased safety for our technicians and protection for your HVAC systems.

The Cost of Non-Certified Technicians

We understand that cost is a huge factor in your choice of service provider and that sometimes a non-factory-trained technician may be priced just low enough to be worth a shot. Most homes or individual apartment end users will go for this option. To their credit, non-trained technicians can be competent and get your system up and running, but more often than not, it doesn't end there.

You get what you pay for

Part of why they can price low is because they skip out on a lot of the work we consider mandatory. This includes forensic investigation, monitoring system performance, and taking into consideration natural ventilation. If a part fails, we want to know why and how to prevent that from happening again. The most likely scenario is that you'll pay for a fraction of the job and receive a fraction of the work.

You will pay again

Since underlying issues aren't addressed in the initial visit, get ready to host more. Think of it as treating the symptoms of your air conditioning rather than its illness. The result is often multiple visits to do the same job, culminating in expensive core component replacement once the minor problems inevitably become big ones.

Opportunity Costs

When it comes to commercial properties, the issue of non-factory trained work is less prevalent. Businesses understand the value of a trusted partner, and we have benefited from that kind of trust since 2005.

We make sure you avoid costly downtime, and our technicians communicate with property owners taking the time to explain exactly what needs to be done and why. We believe the best customer is an informed customer, and as leaders in the HVAC industry, we know that reliability is king.

Quick to Fix

Our technicians are trained and certified on all major VRF HVAC Systems. You can read more about the brands we carry here.

We take pride in bringing tailored solutions to each of our clients to ensure you benefit from cool inside air in the summer months and a comfortable temperature in the winter.

When performing maintenance in your home or building, our staff is trained and equipped to handle all the most common issues on the spot. Our vehicles carry OEM parts on board, so you don't have to wait for new components to arrive before the work can begin. Whether it's excessive moisture, a failing heat pump, or low refrigerant levels, Lightning Mechanical can keep your indoor air quality high and make inside air feel perfect.

Rapid Response Units

Our Medical Facility and Data Center clients are classified as Mission Critical. This makes them eligible for our Rapid Response Units, who can be on-site in 4 hours or less from Boston to Philadelphia. Our technicians are posted in and around New York Metro City and carry all the necessary parts to work on highly specialized equipment (MRI cooling equipment, server room cooling,...) immediately upon arrival. Avoiding costly downtimes in those industries has saved our clients millions of dollars through the years.

Not only is our team quick to act, but they are also factory-trained to intervene on YOUR HVAC system. The same level of qualification applies to our maintenance techs. Where most companies will simply rip out a faulty filter, we take the time to investigate and address any underlying issues and pass the savings on to you.

Factory Trained Services

Clean Air, Safe Air

All of the HVAC systems we carry have air quality considerations built-in. These are some of the more sensitive parts of your HVAC system and the ones that experience the most wear and tear.

To keep you breathing clean and safe air, regular maintenance by factory-trained technicians is a necessity for the following components/systems:

  • Daikin VRV/VRF HVAC System Control Wiring
  • Daikin VRV/VRF Control Wiring
  • Heat Pumps
  • Carbon Dioxide Detectors
  • Air Filters
  • Refrigerant
  • Mechanical Ventilation add-ons

Failure to regularly maintain these carries
the risk of:

  • Dust build-up (in the filters, ducts, and in the air you breathe)
  • Compressor Failure (an expensive fix)
  • Carbon Dioxide build-up (Harmful to both your short and long term health)
  • Reduced Performance - Leading to decreased energy efficiency
  • Warm air when it should be cooled and cold air when it should be warm.

Your HVAC system is supposed to keep you cool; your heating system is supposed to keep winter at bay. The technology they rely on is complex because it is efficient. The only way to keep it that way is to strictly follow manufacturer maintenance guidelines.

With factory-trained services and manufacturer solutions, Lightning Mechanical is the right service provider to help you avoid those complications altogether. Reach out to us on the phone to determine if your HVAC system is eligible for our factory-trained services and solutions.

Factory-Trained for your VRV HVAC Solutions at All Stages

Untrained technicians are prone to guesswork and improvisation; that isn't a bad thing in itself, but when it comes to most homes and businesses, guesswork on the heating system just isn't going to cut it. Our technicians are not just qualified to service and maintain your air conditioning; they can install and safely dismantle it too.

Installation and Maintenance

Lightning Mechanical has over two decades of experience in air conditioning and HVAC solutions installation at the construction stage of residential and commercial properties. We understand our equipment, and we probably already have a pretty good idea of what your needs will strictly follow manufacturer maintenance guidelines.

This HVAC industry experience means we have out-of-the-box solutions that can be tailored to just about any property, all within manufacturer-approved guidelines. Combined with our competitively priced service and maintenance contracts, all with OEM tools, equipment, and components, worrying about heating and cooling is just not something you'll be doing.

Replacement and Overhaul

If, on the other hand, you are considering an air conditioning overhaul on a pre-existing system, we highly recommend calling our technicians in for an estimate and consultation.

We look at things like indoor air quality, room-to-room performance, windows, insulation, and local environment to let you know if complete replacement is necessary or if a simple efficiency tune-up will do. We aim to keep your air conditioning affordable to buy and affordable to own.

Call us today or email us at Craig@lightningmechanical.com or M.hlinka@lightningmechanical.com to find out how factory-trained services and solutions can keep your air conditioning running clean and efficiently in the long run.


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