Full Piping Services

Lightning Mechanical is a full-service mechanical contractor who provides HVAC full piping services. We offer heat exchangers, gas piping, propane lines, and full copper pipe design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Our factory-trained HVAC technicians have been installing and repairing these systems for years. We offer our clients the highest quality service for any project large or small, including system replacements and repairs, pre-start inspections, design work, installations, renovations, and maintenance. Lightning Mechanical's capabilities include installation of new equipment and replacement of existing systems at commercial and public buildings such as schools, airports, restaurants, office buildings, and other structures.

Our custom solutions have earned us a solid reputation across a wide range of clients in New York, New Jersey, Northern Maryland, and Southern Maine. We serve Boston and Albany through the Lightning Service Group. We are also available 24/7 for emergency services.

HVAC Piping Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is the biggest threat to the durability and performance of piping systems. It causes extensive damage and has, on occasion, brought operations at some facilities to a complete standstill.

Lightning Mechanical provides comprehensive HVAC piping corrosion protection and preventative maintenance services for higher uptime and value. Our anti-corrosive solutions extend the life of your piping systems, eliminate downtime, and save you money.

Solutions we offer to prevent pipe corrosion include:

  • Elastomeric insulation tubing
  • Chemical Treatment of copper pipes
  • HVAC Drain Cleaning to remove the buildup of solid particles and other contaminants, which can cause damage.
  • Water Treatment using Corrosion Inhibitors or Ph Balancers for the suppression of damaging ions.
  • Micron Filtration to remove any foreign matter from the fluid flow that might have been missed by conventional filters

Process Piping Design Services

Lightning Mechanical has been a leader in HVAC piping design for over 15 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer comprehensive, professional solutions that combine our exceptional services, planning, and project management.

Our dedicated engineering team is committed to developing the most efficient system possible for your climate control needs and can design process piping for a full range of HVAC solutions. We work closely with our supported manufacturers to provide the most energy-efficient and cost-effective process piping materials for your facility.

HVAC Piping Installation Services

Lightning Mechanical is an industry leader in the installation of HVAC piping systems across a broad range of industries. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver the best solutions within your budget and timeframe. We are experienced with the many specific industry standards that govern sectors such as healthcare, IT infrastructure, manufacturing, and retail.

Superior Workmanship

We maintain and aim to surpass industry standards for fire protection, minimum wall thickness, chemical safety, and ventilation as much as your installation will allow us to. Our existing clients already know that their air conditioning is in good hands. We demonstrated that to them by providing innovative solutions to installation setbacks.

All of our technicians are certified and licensed to work with refrigerants by the EPA and are trained by us to maintain high standards of professionalism and courteousness when on a visit to our customers.

What is Process Piping?

Process piping is piping that transfers the same substance at different states of matter. In an HVAC system, process piping services ensure the delivery of refrigerant through the various components of an HVAC system. The main parts of HVAC process piping are gas lines and liquid lines supported by condensate drain lines.

These three types of refrigerant flow all require dedicated pipes that meet different specifications for materials and design so they can work effectively. Each type of line comprises a low and a high-pressure stage.

Gas Lines

Gas lines are used to deliver refrigerants in their gaseous state. Due to the increased temperature gained by expanding the volume of the gas, high-pressure gas lines are either small or medium-sized copper pipes that need to be thermally insulated. Low-pressure refrigerant gas lines run from the evaporator coils to the compressor. The high-pressure gas lines ferry refrigerant from the compressor to the condenser coils.

Liquid Lines

Liquid lines carry heat transfer fluids between the condenser evaporator coils. They use similar materials to gas lines but must be able to contain the increased pressure of liquid refrigerant between the condenser coils and the metering device. Low-pressure fluid lines pipe low-pressure liquid and refrigerant vapor from the metering device to the evaporator coils.

Condensate Drain Lines

Finally, condensate drain lines carry water away from components in the HVAC system and use either plastic or copper materials depending on temperature requirements. Condensation can form in your HVAC system around refrigeration lines and the parts that process it.

Ideally, humidity control systems and an optimized refrigeration cycle would make condensate drain lines useless. But they offer a necessary outside evacuation route for any water that might otherwise end up trapped around critical electrical equipment.

Piping Systems Repair and Rebuild

When the piping systems in your facility break, we offer comprehensive solutions for both replacement and repair to avoid costly shutdowns. We can quickly determine the extent of damage and recommend a plan of action based on your needs. Our experts provide 24/7 emergency services for all major HVAC system brands.

Piping Replacement and Retrofit Capabilities

As an industry leader in HVAC services, Lightning Mechanical is dedicated to delivering on our promises of quality craftmanship, high safety standards, and reliable service.

Our replacement solutions are customized to maximize the use of the existing system layout and equip you with a versatile, cost-effective solution that can be brought online quickly. You will maintain all current piping runs for maximum safety during shutdown periods.

We also offer comprehensive retrofitting solutions for HVAC systems looking to replace old piping with new, more efficient materials like aluminum or high tolerance flexible piping.

To learn more about our full range of piping services and how we can customize a solution that meets your needs, contact us at Lightning Mechanical today!

Common HVAC Piping Problems

Piping problems can arise from a number of causes. Liquid refrigerant leaks, gas leaks, and condensate drain line leaks are all common problems you might face.

Liquid Leaks

Liquid refrigerant is a hazardous substance during and after freezing and must be handled by trained technicians only. These liquid lines can freeze at 10 degrees Fahrenheit, making them brittle and vulnerable to snapping. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to repair or replace these lines safely.

Gas Leaks

The refrigerant gas is flammable, so gas leaks must be repaired quickly before they ignite, even if adequate fire protection was completed at installation. The main symptom of a refrigerant gas leak is the smell of the leaking substance. Lightning Mechanical professionals will quickly locate any gas leaks and make the necessary repairs.

Condensate Drain Line Leaks

These lines drain condensates from moist air. The main symptom of a condensate drain line leak is water pooling around the HVAC system evaporator coils.

The Cost of Refrigerant Leaks

The actual cost of refrigerant leaks can be challenging to calculate, but you will need to factor in the cost of downtime for industrial or commercial facilities and the price of refrigerant replacement.

More pressingly, insufficient refrigerant levels cause undue stress to your HVAC system as it works harder to compensate for the lack of heat transferring material. This can permanently damage critical components of your HVAC system outside of piping, leading to costly repairs or replacements costs.

Refrigeration piping can be prone to pinhole leaks or join failure when improperly installed or inadequately supported. Although piping engineers account for some movement tolerances, the system really is designed to be held in place by supports.

If you identify a refrigerant leak, contact us immediately. We can advise you via telephone on what steps to take to protect your system while we prepare for the necessary repairs.

We guarantee that our staff will treat your equipment with the utmost care and respect when making repairs or replacements. This includes taking all safety precautions to protect you, your employees, and any visitors at the site during piping repair or replacement. We use modern tools and techniques to reduce repair time while protecting your system from further damage during replacement.

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