Lightning Mechanical Services provides HVAC solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial customers in the Northern East Cost. We have experience working in Data Centers, large hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and producers of food and beverages. We work with both new construction and existing buildings. All of our work is completed entirely in compliance with the latest published ASHRAE standard.

HVAC for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a significant consumer of electricity and energy. The US, which has the highest number of pharmaceutical companies globally, uses around 3% - 4% of its commercial energy consumption on air conditioning systems. The cooling requirements for this sector are unique because of stringent air purity and temperature requirements.

Pharmaceutical facilities require a highly efficient cooling system that doesn't produce noise so it won't interfere with the work environment. They also have special needs for cleanliness and low water evaporation, which means installing closed-loop piping and drain pans.

Lightning Mechanical's HVAC technicians are experts at designing, installing, and servicing pharmaceutical facility-specific HVAC systems.

Data Center HVAC

Since data centers are prone to some of the world's most expensive downtime, they require a higher level of care and expertise to ensure permanent uptime. Lightning Mechanical designs our HVAC services to maximize cooling efficiency with reliable air movement and air quality control systems that are energy efficient and reduce operating costs.

We are experienced with designing and maintaining multiple redundancy systems within Data Centers, including the heat pump, refrigerant lines, and evaporator coil. Our staff is factory-trained to work on specialist cooling equipment designed to fill Data Center needs by our partner manufacturers.

Rapid Response

Our existing and future Data Center clients are considered "Mission Critical" and benefit from our Rapid Response service: technicians prepositioned and with parts on-board to intervene on your system within a 4-hour response window, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

HVAC for Offices and Commercial Real Estate


HVAC for Offices and Commercial Real Estate

Lightning Mechanical services offices of all sizes and sectors of activity, including law firms, banks, insurance companies, and real estate agencies. We understand the necessity for a comfortable work environment, so we design our HVAC services to operate quietly and keep humidity levels within a safe, pleasant range. Our air handling units and heating systems don't always require fully ducted supply and return vents, meaning we can tailor sustainable solutions that fit spaces of any size.

Control Wiring Services

HVAC for Hotels

Commercial Real Estate HVAC

Lightning Mechanical services commercial real estate spaces such as shopping malls, strip malls, and retail stores with a dependable commercial HVAC system. Lightning Mechanical's technicians make sure your store stays comfortable even during the coldest of winter months. Our smart systems consider the amount of sun exposure and foot traffic your store gets, allowing us to optimize the temperature and humidity levels year-round.

Hotels need dependable HVAC systems that can stand up to lots of activity throughout each day. Lightning Mechanical's technicians install efficient air conditioning units equipped with superior filters, so rooms remain comfortable even on the hottest days.

HVAC for the Manufacturing Industry

Lightning Mechanical provides maintenance and repair services for manufacturing companies with large, open spaces that need cooling and ventilation systems. We also offer preventative maintenance services for these facilities to maximize uptime.

HVAC system for Manufacturers

Manufacturing facilities have strict heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system requirements to ensure employee comfort, safety, and the proper functioning of their manufacturing equipment. Large open spaces with heat-generating equipment are common challenges to these industrial spaces. Safety is also a primary concern; ductwork needs to be equipped with smoke dampers, while exhaust air needs to be adequately ventilated.

Lightning Mechanical has years of experience in this field, so they can design and install an HVAC system to meet the needs of your facility. Our technicians are trained to develop strategies for maximum energy efficiency and minimal energy use, so your company's manufacturing processes aren't interrupted by unexpected outages or hindered by high utility bills. Every dollar saved in utility bills is earned in revenue thanks to Lightning Mechanical's energy-saving solutions.

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HVAC for the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry has unique HVAC needs, and Lightning Mechanical works with public and private transportation companies to design and install systems for their facilities.

Our team of experts understands that effective airflow management in high traffic areas with frequent outside air exposure is crucial to managing temperatures without overstressing your HVAC. We have experience in providing cooling, heating, and ventilation solutions for:

  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Bus Stations/Terminals
  • Boat/Ferry Terminals
  • Underground Parking

HVAC for the Logistics and Distribution Industry

Lightning Mechanical has years of experience servicing logistics and distribution companies. We understand the special HVAC needs for specialized warehouses and supply chain operations. We bring access to HVAC equipment for:

  • Chemical Warehousing
  • Foodstuff Warehousing
  • Warehouse Ventilation
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Warehouse Cooling
  • Warehouse Refrigeration

Lightning Mechanical knows that the ability to meet those needs with a flexible approach to customer service is critical. We will work with you and your team to design a system specific to your facility's size, layout, and equipment choices. We understand that providing reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is essential to maintaining your storage capabilities, our engineers and technicians will work with you to make sure your specific industry standards are met and maintained.

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HVAC for the Medical Sector and Hospitals

Lightning Mechanical understands the unique needs of medical facilities, including acceptable indoor air quality and energy efficiency. We work closely with medical professionals to maintain their HVAC systems to meet the industry's quality standards for air quality and temperature.

Lightning Mechanical has extensive experience designing, maintaining, and servicing HVAC systems for healthcare facilities. We can work within an existing facility or design a new system from scratch to comply with federal regulations, including OSHA standards. Our technicians are also available to work with medical staff to maintain air cleanliness standards within the facility.

Rapid Response

Our Medical sector clients qualify as "Mission Critical" for Rapid Response. Our teams are pre-positioned across New York City Metro and are standing by 24/7 for emergency interventions within a 4-hour window. The rapid response team covers all of New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and everything in between. They carry parts on board for your choice of system to repair or replace any faulty components immediately.

HVAC Solutions for the Government Sector

Lightning Mechanical has experience providing HVAC services for both State and Federal government facilities, including:

  • Schools
  • Fire departments
  • Police stations and other law enforcement buildings
  • Prisons
  • National Parks

Our HVAC technicians are thoroughly vetted, with background checks performed by the Federal Government's E-Verify system. With our experience working within government facilities, we can help you maintain your heating and cooling systems to reduce monthly bills and protect equipment from damage. All of our technicians are OSHA certified, ensuring your safety when they are onsite.

We provide facility managers with proactive repair options to extend the life of their equipment. Our team can also help you carry out energy efficiency audits that will reduce monthly utility bills for years to come.

Our happy customers

Our Happy Customers
We strive to provide our valued clients with a Premium HVAC Installation & Maintenance Service - Our factory trained and highly skilled team of HVAC specialists is always ready to assist and answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to search online and read our reviews - we would appreciate you leaving us your own honest review to help us further improve our service. We aim to be the #1 HVAC Service providers in New York and the surrounding areas - we use all our customers feedback to create a better offering than our competitors.
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HVAC for Multi-Family Residential Buildings

Lightning Mechanical provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for multi-residential buildings. These systems are typically forced air units that draw in fresh air from outside the building and distribute it to various rooms or sections of the structure.

We specialize in installing and maintaining VRV systems capable of filling the same need at a fraction of the energy cost. This system is known for its exceptional energy efficiency and even heating in the winter months.

Lightning Mechanical's technicians are certified to install all brands of HVAC systems for residential use, including powerful Daikin units that can cool an entire building on a hot summer day. Whether you need individual room temperature control in a high-rise or a complete outside-to-room climate control system for low-rise residential buildings, Lightning Mechanical can design a customized solution for you and your residents.

HVAC Industry Contractors

Lightning Mechanical is proud to partner with other HVAC companies to help provide comfort and peace of mind for their clients. Our HVAC system Variable Refrigerant Flow specialists are integral to several contractors' business offerings. We take pride in sharing our experience in installation best practices for VRV/VRF technology.


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