Lightning Mechanical is capable of offering HVAC solutions of any scope for your home or business. The following is a list of HVAC manufacturers we are proud to support.


Daikin HVAC

Daikin is a Japanese company globally renowned for its air conditioning solutions. Their state-of-the-art HVAC units improve indoor comfort, reduce energy costs and contribute to the health of their customers. Daikin has a wide range of solutions for HVAC needs across commercial and residential sectors, from individual homes to skyscrapers.


Mcquay HVAC

Now part of Daikin Industries, Mcquay has been a leading manufacturer of air conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment since 1872. The company's professionals have designed many industry-leading products that have made a difference in people's lives by providing the best technology at affordable prices. Their commitment to HVAC technology begins with R&D and extends globally via sales and service networks that help customers solve problems with unmatchable expertise.



AAON is a global leader in the manufacturing and sales of commercial semi-custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. AAON systems are designed to be integrated with a wide variety of building types, including schools, hospitals, airports, and office buildings. Their emphasis on modular solutions makes them a popular choice for renovations and retrofits, too.


Haakon HVAC

Haakon specializes in the production of air handling units for HVAC and other systems. Its products are designed to be efficient, reliable, and easy to use while maintaining a high-performance level that ensures customer satisfaction. Their focus on the quality of materials they use makes for products with far above average service lives.


Omega HVAC

Omega refrigeration and air conditioning inc. is a world-renowned brand that produces HVAC solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential needs. The company's growth strategy has been to provide its customers with an unmatched value proposition, which can only be achieved through constant investment in research and development. They also offer generous labor warranties for their systems, guaranteeing those who choose Omega stay with them.


Valent HVAC

Valent Air is a North American outdoor air units specialists. They offer Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) of the most robust construction focusing on energy recovery. Their rooftop units are industry-leading and easy to install, bringing affordable and dependable quality to customers across the United States.


Xetex HVAC

Xetex has been producing highly efficient ventilation equipment for commercial and industrial installations since 1984. The company's leadership has always been driven by innovative ideas and a constant focus on developing new products to meet ever-evolving customer needs. A favorite with manufacturing plants across the country, Xetex provides high-quality and innovative air management solutions catering to the most rigorous requirements.


Trane HVAC

Trane Technologies boasts a broad portfolio of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for homes and commercial buildings. Founded in 1885 by James Trane in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Trane's first product – a steam heating system that used natural gas as fuel was a technological revolution for low-pressure steam heating. Having acquired Sentinel Electronics in the late '70s and General Electric's air conditioning division in 1982, Trane continues to produce technologically advanced products for commercial and residential properties the world over. Trane CenTraVac is a name familiar to residents and technicians at such prestigious addresses as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Grand Central Station in New York, and the Moscow Kremlin.



York is a Johnson Controls brand and well-known manufacturer of HVAC solutions worldwide. Founded in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania, by Daniel R. Porter York, it has grown to become one of the most respected brands in the air conditioning industry due to its commitment to striving toward performance innovation and air cleaner technologies. They offer clean air and climate management solutions with world-class commercial support infrastructure for commercial and residential settings.


Climate Master HVAC

Although Climate Master now calls Oklahoma home, they still maintain a strong presence in their previous Head Office locals of New York and Florida. Climate Master is proudly American and prides itself on continually investing in U.S-patented technologies to expand its domestic manufacturing capabilities. The company's unique Water Source Heat Pump systems have made them leaders in geothermal water heaters and cooling systems for the past 50 years.


Bosch HVAC

Bosch Termotechnology is the HVAC branch of the world-famous German engineering company. It was founded almost 130 years ago and quickly gained consumers' trust with its high-quality products, which were as efficient and reliable as they are now. Today, Bosch has become one of the most reputable brands in North America and Europe. Their Water to Air and Air to Air Heat Pump systems are built to be ultra-efficient and durable with complete ease of operation.


Carrier HVAC

Founded by Willis Carrier in 1902, Carrier is now one of the world's most diversified HVAC manufacturers with products ranging from custom residential to high-efficiency commercial cooling systems. The company has been at the forefront of customer comfort innovation for over a century and has patented some of the industry's best technologies – including the world's first modern air conditioning system.



ABB Ltd. is a multinational company that has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing electrical components for HVAC systems for over 100 years. ABB was started in 1906 in Switzerland by Franz Steiner to manufacture switchgear used in ventilation systems. As well as being an industry innovator, the company prides itself on its vast range of electric heating systems.


Emerson HVAC

Emerson Climate Technologies has been an American technology forerunner since 1914, when it was founded by Charles Emerson in St. Louis, Missouri. The company specializes in climate control technologies for residential and commercial applications. Emerson is known for their Copeland Scroll compressors and Sensi smart thermostat products but also offer heat pumps, humidifiers, ventilation systems, component protection devices, and digital upgrade kits.


Fulton HVAC

Fulton is an international manufacturer of high-quality HVAC equipment with over 90 years of experience in commercial and residential heating, ventilation, Air Conditioning systems. Since its establishment in 1930 in the U.S, the company has provided customers the world over with premier heat transfer equipment for commercial and industrial applications.


Patterson Kelley HVAC

Patterson-Kelley has been a leader in boilers and water heating since 1880. The company started as a cooling plant manufacturer in Ohio before expanding into manufacturing heating equipment using an innovative technology called regenerative heat transfer – which Paterson patented in 1912. To this day the company is an industry leader with over 100 patents under its name and is synonymous with heat performance and confidence.


Lochinvar HVAC

Lochinvar is a brand name indissociable from water heating. Since their humble beginnings in Michigan, Lochinvar has grown to become an internationally recognized provider of boilers, spa and pool heaters, and water tankless water heaters. This culminated in their acquisition by A.O Smith Corporation, the world's largest boilers, and water heater manufacturer, in 2011.


Baltimore Air Coil HVAC

Baltimore Air Coil Company has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of evaporative cooling solutions for over 50 years. Its products include commercial and residential heating, ventilation, and filtration systems used to cool water before it's pumped through air conditioning units. BAC's new equipment is the solution for efficient cooling and providing heat to high-traffic commercial and residential facilities. This makes them the prime option for any building owner.

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