HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication

HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication

Lightning Mechanical does its own sheet metal fabrication for custom residential and commercial HVAC systems. Sheet metal fabrication is performed in-house at our Maplewood, New Jersey facility. We do not subcontract any of the sheet metal fabrication work, nor do we purchase fabricated sheet metal parts from outside suppliers. By performing our own sheet metal fabrications in-house, Lightning Mechanical ensures that all projects are completed on time and within budget and according to your exact specifications. We are also available for ductwork sheet metal fabrication projects for AC contractors across the New York Tri-State area.

Lightning Mechanical has virtually no limit as to the size and shape of sheet metal parts we can fabricate. We have access templates and patterns commonly used in the HVAC space; this ensures you receive unique fabricated pieces that fit your specific applications perfectly.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

When you work with Lightning Mechanical, the first step of our custom sheet metal fabrication process will be to obtain a CAD drawing detailing your specific requirements. With this information, we are able to obtain the hardware specifications necessary for accurate quoting. Before you receive a sheet metal fabrication quote on custom parts, we will need the following information:

  • Hardware specifications
  • standard materials, grades, and coatings
  • Dimensions of fabricated part - including any holes in the fabricated sheet metal piece
  • Hardware dimensions - if not specified in the hardware specifications above
  • Material thickness
  • Angles required at bends
  • Surface finish

After we receive this information, our design team will put together the best possible solution for your project. We will be sure to keep you informed on our progress, and any time there is a change in the design, we will notify you immediately. Once your custom sheet metal part has been fabricated, it is then checked for fit on the actual hardware. Only once everything fits perfectly do we ship it out to you or your customer.

If your project requires a sheet metal part that is not the typical rectangle or round shape, you have come to the right place. Lightning Mechanical has no limitation on the size or shape of fabricated sheet metal pieces; we can make virtually anything with our custom sheet metal fabrication services.

To begin the quoting process and find out what we can make for you, contact us at craig@lightningmechanicalservices.com.

Our Capabilities

We utilize a wide range of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) tools to ensure that all aspects of the sheet metal fabrication processes are completed entirely within our New Jersey facility.

Whether we need to cut sheet metal, roll flat sheets, run basic sheet metal through press brakes or monitor hole diameters, computers are on hand to ensure the highest degrees of precision.

Our custom sheet metal fabrication services include:

  • Bending sheet metal - full 180 degree, half bends, and quarter bends
  • Roll forming
  • Countersinking holes
  • Punches and dies - punching any size, shape, and quantity of holes.
  • Shearing/Oxy-fuel cutting - limited capacity; we recommend plasma.
  • Hole punching - round, slot, crosscut, and line
  • Countersinking - through holes.
  • Spot welding - either manual or robotically assisted weld.
  • Stick welding
  • Mig Welding 
  • Tig welding
  • Laser cutting - for maximum cut accuracy
  • Water jet cutting
  • Plasma cutting - for high sheet thickness
  • Forming sheet metal - round corners, bevels, flanges to length or width, radius dies to facilitate deep inward or outward bends.
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication - including custom patterns and templates for manufactured pieces not typically found in the HVAC industry
  • Sheet metal part finishing - including deburring, Scotchbrite polishing, buff polishing, and powder coating.
Our sheet metal fabrication service is capable of delivering high fidelity industrial sheet metal constructions. We have access to any cutting method required, including waterjet, laser cutter, and plasma cutter equipment, that allow us to work with the following sheet metal materials:

Stainless steel

SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, and 313 grades


C36000, C37700, C46440 grades


1100-H14 & B2, 2014-T3 & T351, 6061-T6, and 2024-T3 or 7075-T6


C360, C464, and H62 Free Machining Brass


C954 Hard Bronze, Aluminum Cold Rolled AR60-U Tempered

AZ31B heat treated magnesium for lightweight applications

4140 pre-hardened steel as per ASTM A723 & A731

We can also mix materials within the same sheet metal parts fabrication project for design flexibility. We hold inventory of the majority of sheet stock available and can usually begin the fabrication process as soon as your design is ready. If you have a material that you would like to see our work with, we can almost certainly fabricate it for you.

Sheet Metal Finishes and Coatings

All of our sheet metal HVAC products are available with the following finishes for corrosion resistance and air quality compliance.

HVAC systems are exposed to outdoor weather, constant indoor temperature fluctuations, and high operational stress. Choosing the right wear-resistant layer for your system and ensuring correct application and maintenance of that layer is essential to the longevity of air conditioning solutions.

Our custom sheet metal fabrication allows us to use a variety of materials and finishes (including those listed above) as necessary to create the best possible solution for your HVAC system. It allows us to produce all of your parts in-house, maximizing efficiency and ensuring that there is no question about the quality of the parts installed for you or your clients.

HVAC Sheet Metal Design Services

When you have a project which requires customized sheet metal fabrication, Lightning Mechanical can provide design services to meet your specific requirements. Through our network of trusted vendors and manufacturers, we ensure that the fabricated pieces fit perfectly on the intended hardware.

In-house sheet metal fabrication capabilities allow us to move from engineering drawings construction at high speed. Because we are capable of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, we provide solutions that competing HVAC companies would take far longer to develop.

We are happy to interface with engineers from across the United States to assist in creating bespoke HVAC solutions and custom products for clients of any size. Whether you need laser cutting for precisely positioned fittings, sheet metal components of unusual sizes, or need us to bend sheet metal for you before final assembly, no job is too big or too small for our design and fabrication processes.

Let us know how our custom sheet metal fabrication services can help you. Contact Lightning Mechanical at craig@lightningmechanicalservices.com for more information or to receive your HVAC sheet metal fabrication quote.

Why we are HVAC sheet metal experts

Lightning Mechanical is a full-service HVAC company. That means we are a one-stop shop for any HVAC-related work. Whether you need a new furnace installed, need an AC unit serviced and repaired, need a custom cooling solution for a hospital, or anything else in between, we can deliver.

The sheer volume of custom ductwork, fittings, and roof curbs we needed put us in a position where relying on outside fabrication was no longer an option. To meet deadlines and be able to guarantee system performance, we needed to be able to do it all in-house. Our staff has the tools and qualifications they need to meet any specifications and architectural quirks you throw at us and create a finished product that looks as good as it functions.

Keeping sheet metal fabrication processes in-house gives us the ability to offer unparalleled service. We are never more than a phone call or email away from being able to work with you, whatever your HVAC requirements may be.


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