When your heating and air conditioning stops working, Lightning Mechanical is just a phone call away from getting it up and running again at lightning speeds. Our HVAC technicians are the best in the business. With over 15 years of experience, our team can solve any air conditioning problem that comes their way.

Learn more about the true price of failing heating and air conditioning and why we Lightning Mechanical is the company for the job.

Call Out Air Conditioning Service

If it's too hot outside to go on without the AC, contact us and we'll send one of our technicians out as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, we'll even send someone out immediately.

Our courteous and professional technicians are ready to solve all your HVAC problems. Including but not limited to:

  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Refrigerant Top Up
  • Refrigerant Line Leak Repair
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Frozen Coil Defrosting
  • Compressor Repair
  • HVAC Indoor Unit Repair
  • HVAC Outdoor Unit repair
  • Fan Motor Repair

Call Out Heating Service

Don't be left without heat because your furnace went down. Just pick up the phone and call us today to schedule repairs or a maintenance check before the cold weather arrives.

We have experience repairing:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Electrical Heating Systems
  • VRV/VRF Systems

Emergency HVAC Service

Residential Emergency HVAC Service

During winter, malfunctioning heating isn't just an inconvenience, it can be dangerous. Whether you are a building owner in need of emergency heating or a homeowner with a faulty boiler, our HVAC technicians are available for emergency call-outs to repair: boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers, and heat ducts in the briefest delay.

Commercial and Industrial Emergency HVAC Service

At Lightning Mechanical, we know that there are situations where malfunctioning or broken refrigeration equipment has far direr consequences than uncomfortable temperatures. Medical facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, data centers, and pharmaceutical plants all can incur huge losses if their HVAC equipment stops working. Our service division knows this and works around the clock when dealing with these repairs.

Commercial Emergency HVAC Services are also available for restaurants, bar owners, and facilities managers who need their walk-in refrigeration units back up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer emergency service 24/7 for heating and air conditioning, so just pick up the phone if you have an emergency repair situation that requires immediate attention.

Rapid Response Team

For clients whose industry qualifies them as Mission Critical, we provide 24/7 emergency response teams ready to arrive at your site within a 4-hour response window. Our team members are positioned all over New York City Metro and cover everything from Boston to Philadelphia. We carry parts and specialized diagnostic equipment on-board to minimize downtime and address any potential issue as soon as we arrive.

The Mission Critical qualifier applies to Large Hospitals and Data Centers. Get in touch to find out if we can offer Rapid Response to your company.

What's Difference Between HVAC Service and HVAC Maintenance?

There might be a few questions your asking yourself regarding how service works versus a maintenance contract. Here we'll try and demystify the difference between having your HVAC unit serviced and getting it maintained:

What does an 

HVAC service include?

When you schedule an HVAC service or emergency call-out, one of our team members will arrive at your location as soon as possible to assess the issue and provide a quote.

If you choose to go ahead with the repair, we will only perform the repairs that are necessary to restore your system back to full working order. In other words, if all we need to do is recharge your refrigerant, we won't replace any other parts during that visit. We know price is an important consideration in your choice of HVAC system technician and our company policies reflect that.

When we service an HVAC, one of our technicians arrives at your site to make a diagnosis. You can either choose for them to make the necessary repairs or just have them come back later to do so.

Whatever you decide, our company takes pride in leaving customers more informed about the functioning of their HVAC system after every visit. We believe that the best customer is an informed customer, sharing our experience and knowledge is just part of the job.

Building Management System (BMS) Integration

How often should  

HVAC be serviced?

Serving your heating and air conditioning is required done when repairs are needed. HVAC maintenance on the other hand can cover a much wider range of issues. Depending on your particular equipment, the type of work that will be necessary might vary quite a bit. For instance, an oil-fired hot water boiler would require more attention than a gas-fired unit to keep it in good working order. If you need any advice on what your HVAC unit might need, just give us a call and we can provide you with an estimate for maintenance.

When should I ask for HVAC Service?

Even if you don't notice any immediate drop in performance, there are some signs that your HVAC system might be in need of service. Catching small problems early can stop them from snowballing into larger issues. It doesn't always take a professional to find out if air conditioning services are needed, so what are some signs that you're in need of an HVAC service?

Odd Sounds or Smells

A loud noise coming from your unit could suggest a motor issue. If you notice any odd smells coming from your unit, it could be caused by a problem with the sealant on the compressor compartment.

Higher Energy Bills

If you're noticing that your energy bills are increasing, it could mean that your HVAC has to work harder than normal to keep the house at the desired temperature. This could mean low refrigerant levels or a leak in your piping system.

Unexplained Shutdowns

Little annoyances like when your system turns off in the middle of winter when it's below freezing outside will eventually add up and cause a larger issue. Maybe your system is turning back on after turning itself off for a while and wasting energy in the process. Either way, the issue will need to be identified and fixed.

Water Leaking

Water leaking outside is usually a sign that there's an internal issue, possibly with the compressor seal. This could be due to low refrigerant levels or an internal motor problem. It's also possible that you might need a new unit altogether depending on how much water is leaking and how often it occurs.

Water leaking indoors is usually traced back to a refrigerant problem. Either the pressure is too high or something has caused the refrigerant to leak out causing condensation where there shouldn't be any. If you own a water-based heating and air conditioning system, then piping is the most likely culprit.

If your HVAC system is getting a lot of attention lately, it could be because you need to have it serviced. If there are any issues with your system that can't be repaired by our technicians, however unlikely that may be, we will inform you immediately so that you're able to plan accordingly.

You won't have to call us for emergency services on your heating and air conditioning tomorrow.

Call us for service today so you won't have to call us for emergency services on your heating and air conditioning tomorrow.

Fix Your HVAC System Fast with Lightning Mechanical

Your comfort is our first priority. Our company is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year--including holidays for emergency air conditioning and HVAC services so you'll never have to worry about equipment waiting for critical repairs.

Contact us today for any and all HVAC services that you might need. You can trust us with your heating and air conditioning systems because our technicians and engineers are factory-trained by all the manufacturers we support to provide maximum repair efficiency and the most cost-effective price point.


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