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The Daikin VRV system is a multi-split air conditioner for commercial buildings that employ variable refrigerant flow management; patented by Daikin Industries LTD in 1982, it gives clients the option to maintain a unique zone control in each room and level of a building. Lightning Mechanical's intimate knowledge of this system and all of its components makes us frontrunners in VRV design nationwide. Get in touch with our design division today to discover how VRV Systems are used across many commercial establishments, including stadiums, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars.

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The Variable Refrigerant Volume Design Process

Each VRV design project is unique and affected by a variety of factors. Once you contact the Lightning Mechanical design division, we can begin discussing your objectives and how we can achieve them within a budget, you are comfortable with.

Factors that will affect the design work include:

  • Architectural Structure
  • Existing Insulation
  • Local Weather
  • Heating and Cooling goal temperatures
  • Building Foot Traffic (for large commercial buildings and offices)
  • Number of Rooms
  • Number of Zones
  • Presence of Large Spaces
  • Refrigerant Piping Requirements
  • Control Unit Requirements
  • Pre-Existing Air Conditioning Systems
  • Maximum acceptable downtime (goes down to zero)

The Daikin Advantage

Although we can also design a system from another VRF manufacturer, Daikin's value proposition is a class above the competition. VRV and VRF are fundamentally two different terms for the same technology. However, while other companies are still playing catch up, Daikin hasn't rested on its laurels since ushering in a new era for air conditioning. Their commitment to continued innovation in heat recovery, energy consumption efficiency, and air handlers has resulted in them maintaining their global market leadership in HVAC industry strategic development. Lightning Mechanical believes that their solutions are the best and strongly recommend VRV products.

Here are some of the advantages Daikin VRV systems offer:

Energy-Saving Mode of Operation

Precise individual control and inverter technology reduce energy usage for maximum energy savings.

Individual Command

VRV systems allow for unique climate control settings for each zone, providing maximum comfort in commercial building settings or large-scale residentials.

Design Flexibility

The modular design of outdoor units and the extensive range of indoor units provide system designers with a wide range of options at multiple price points. Far from being set in stone, with this flexibility, your system will always be ready for future upgrades to be carried out painlessly as your needs evolve or more efficient options become available.

VRV Systems

Layout Flexibility
Versatile configuration is provided by substantial allowances for piping length and level differences, in addition to a maximum connection of 64 indoor units to a single system.
Remote Control
Through their smartphone application, Daikin VRV systems allow you to control the climate in all individual zones securely from anywhere across the globe.
Industry Specialized Solutions
When it comes to critical air temperature requirements, such as in a hospital or data centers, Daikin offers industry-specific products designed from the ground up to perform reliably within those specific parameters. These solutions rely on multiple redundant systems to handle heating, refrigerant levels, condensing units and will often feature multiple compressors for the same climate zone.

The VRV R Series

The VRV system of the future for buildings of any size.

Saves on Energy

Advances in the VRT Smart Control and a redesigned compressor have increased energy savings during actual operation.

Design Versatility

Increased refrigerant pipe flexibility, such as increased maximum height variances between interior and outdoor units, offers support for a wide range of structures.

Reinforced Design Update

The new large-capacity casing (up to 24 HP) is built to last and provides immense cooling power that outclasses most Variable Refrigerant Flow systems.

VRV X/A Series, VRV H Series, VRV R Series For Large-Scale Structures

Automatic Refrigerant Charge
After pre-charging, the automated refrigerant charge function automatically charges the right refrigerant amount and closes shut-off valves by simply pressing a switch. This feature improves operational efficiency, greater quality, and more straightforward installation.
Savings on Energy
We achieved both energy savings and comfortable air conditioning by integrating modern software and hardware technologies for better energy savings during real operation and merging the technologies of VRV, VRT, and VAV.
High Dependability
Inverter technology's control functions have been incorporated into printed circuit boards. This has decreased the number of parts, permitted downsizing, and enhanced dependability.

Cooling Only

VRV X and A series guarantee energy savings and comfortable air conditioning by improving efficiency during the low load operation.

Daikin McQuay Thermocouple

The VRV H series combines several cutting-edge technologies to provide excellent efficiency and comfort in cooling and heating, most notably the Daikin McQuay thermocouple. These highly sensitive heat sensors inform the Variable Refrigerant Flow systems heat recovery system and determine whether to engage cooling mode or transfer heat using only the minimum amount of refrigerant.

High-Efficiency Series

Only Cooling / Heat Pump

The VRV S Outstanding Economy Series combines high energy efficiency with various comfort and performance functions because the low height casing and lengthy pipe length are appropriate for areas with limited space.

Only Cooling / Heat Pump

This is the regular type that merely heats and cools. Daikin launched this product with a compact installation footprint and a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) in mind.

For Use in Low-Temperature Environments

Is also rated for ambient temperatures as low as -25°C. High-efficiency heating is achieved through the use of a 2-stage compression technique.

Compatible with Existing Systems

Exterior units may be replaced utilizing existing refrigerant pipes to make air conditioning system renovations quick and easy. It is feasible to convert an R22 refrigerant system to a more efficient and environmentally friendly R410A system.

Suitable for Both Domestic and Commercial usage

With air conditioning capabilities of up to 24kW, these sleek and compact outdoor units efficiently utilize space and suit the demands of residences, small workplaces, and stores.

Water Cooled Units

Water is used as a heat source in this outdoor device. The temperature of the heat source water can range from 10°C to 45°C, and ambient temperature has little effect on heating efficiency. The small footprint saves space in mechanical rooms making these VRV air conditioners a shoo-in for tighter spaces.

For Use in Extremely Hot Environments

This outdoor device is developed explicitly for the Middle East, so you know it means business.

Daikin's innovative technologies, such as long pipes and high external static pressure, satisfy many client requirements in high-temperature environments regardless of geography.

Whatever suits you best, whether you need to update your heat recovery VRF systems or design one from the ground up, Lightning mechanical is at your disposal to figure which HVAC system will suit you best.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Design

As great as Daikin products are, we recognize that everyone's requirements are unique. That's why we also maintain a close relationship will all major VRF system providers. Our design division is more than capable of bringing you the convenience of multiple air conditioning zones with the following brands:

  • LG
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Carrier
  • York
  • Trane
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
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