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The operating principles of a VRF system are simple, achieving high efficiency to extract all the benefits this kind of cooling can offer, is not. That's why we collaborate closely with our chosen manufacturers to train our staff constantly. Whether your unit is fresh off the line or part of an older product line, we have specialists on hand for the work

Lightning Mechanical service engineers are factory trained and certified to work on the following brands of VRF solutions:

Mitsubishi VRF
Mitsubishi Electric provides residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning solutions. Their factory engineers produce extremely advanced yet durable equipment for solutions capable of continued use under nearly every natural climatic condition on earth. Each product is a marvel of engineering, delivering years of quiet operation, energy efficiency, and minimal environmental impact. Our technicians and engineers are factory-trained to work on the entire Mitsubishi City Multi VRF System line.  

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Daikin VRV
The same system is referred to as "variable refrigerant volume" (VRV) and "variable refrigerant flow" (VRF). 
The term VRV is used exclusively by Daikin Industries. In contrast, the term VRF, or variable refrigerant flow, is used by everyone else. In VRF/VRV systems, a single outside heat pump connects to many inside units via refrigerant piping. We source our parts directly from Daikin and keep a healthy inventory, allowing us to reduce our response time heavily.

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Carrier VRF
Founded in 1902, Carrier United Technologies is a legacy company building on Willis Carrier's invention of what many consider to be the first modern air conditioning system. The company's first steps in air conditioning have evolved into some of the most cutting-edge systems available today. On top of being trained to work on the physical components of Carrier solutions, we are able to troubleshoot, debug and customize all the software solutions that support them. 

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York VRF
Since York has been in the heating and cooling business for 135 years, it's no wonder they have now developed their own VRF solution. York offers an impressive selection of products for both residential and commercial customers. York systems are known to be long-lasting and cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. We are factory trained to work on all York solutions as well as their VRF Cloud Gateway and LONWorks Adapter. 

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Panasonic VRF
Panasonic's Air Conditioning Group has grown into a successful global leader through its constant pursuit of product breakthroughs and technologies since 1958. 
Panasonic provides a diverse selection of heating and cooling solutions, such as single-split systems, multi-split systems, ECOi VRF-systems, controls, and accessories. 
All of which we have factory trained technicians available for. 

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Samsung VRF
Samsung air conditioners enable the creation of an efficient, healthy atmosphere by providing easy-to-maintain and use Air Conditioner solutions for hospital and clinic general areas or specialty rooms.
 Our technicians are trained to work on said systems and the more widespread use Samsung DVM product line. 
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Trane VRF
Established in 1885, Trane is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial, industrial, and residential air conditioning systems and a comprehensive range of other heating and cooling currently in use at some of the worlds most demanding addresses, including; the Moscow Kremlin, Grand Central Station in New York and the tallest tower in the world: the Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Our technicians benefit from the exact same training the crews responsible for those locations have and could blend right in, language barrier notwithstanding. 

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OEM Parts and Equipment

Each of these systems has been designed from the ground up to be its own ecosystem. The value of that is you can stay cool with minimum power use; the trade-off is specialized equipment for each system.

Lightning mechanical carries Original Equipment Manufacturer parts for all the VRF system manufacturers listed above. These parts are installed and maintained with OEM equipment, and their performance is monitored using factory-provided tools.

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VRF Engineer Education and Safety

We are proud to say that maintaining close relationships with these brands has left us with a level of familiarity and expertise unmatched by our competition.



We benefit from constantly evolving training programs put in place by manufacturers to ensure the best possible performance of their equipment. Our service engineers, technicians, and support staff continuously update their knowledge base to bring you the highest level of technical know-how for each of the manufacturers we partner with so you can enjoy the benefits of expert care at your location.

Our technicians are happy to share what manufacturer knowledge they have with our clients. We can break down the main features of your system and its service requirements without boring you with the details.

Who (Manufacturers)
Who (Manufacturers)



The factory training programs we participate in have a strong emphasis on safety-conscious work practices for technicians. By following manufacturer safety guidelines, we can greatly reduce the risk of accidents occurring on your property and prevent damage not just to our technicians but to your system, budget, and timeline.

Safety is not limited to our staff; when on a visit to your location, we provide further safety and efficiency recommendations to end-users.

VRF Design

The Lightning Mechanical VRF design engineers are fully qualified to design and build a custom VRF solution with parts from the manufacturers listed above. We provide the greatest design value proposition because we look at prices from a long-term perspective. Our Process is informed not only by your request but also by your required running costs.

Our designers' job is to help you discover just how efficiently each device can meet your cooling needs. We are happy to provide you with more information from the manufacturer for every system we serve.

Feel free to contact us via telephone Mondays through Fridays at (973) 763-0300 or email us at Craig@lightningmechanical.com.


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