HVAC Repair Service in Paterson, NJ: Standard & Emergency

HVAC Repair Company in Paterson, NJ

Are you in need of HVAC repair services in Paterson, NJ? Look no further than Lightning Mechanical. We understand the importance of having a functioning HVAC system and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive repair services for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. Whether it's sweltering summer heat or icy winter temperatures, our team of certified professionals is ready to provide both emergency repairs and routine maintenance.

We bring over 15 years of HVAC industry experience to our clients. Our repair technicians are factory-trained and certified to perform repairs on the following brands of HVAC systems:

  • AAON
  • ABB
  • Baltimore Air Coil
  • Bosch
  • Carrier
  • Climate Master
  • Daikin
  • Emerson
  • Evapco
  • Fulton
  • Haakon
  • LG
  • Lochinvar
  • Mcquay (Part of Daikin Industries)
  • Munters
  • Omega
  • Patterson Kelley
  • Trane
  • Valent
  • Xetex
  • Yaskawa
  • York
HVAC Repair Company
HVAC Repair Company

If your air conditioning's brand isn't listed here, we probably still have experienced staff familiar with their product line available. Call us today to find out what we can do to get your HVAC fixed at lightning speeds.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Paterson, NJ

If you require emergency air conditioning repairs by an HVAC technician on essential systems such as a heat pump, warm air outdoor unit, refrigerator room, or furnace, call (973) 763-0300 immediately.

We are on call 24 hours for emergencies and carry parts and specialist equipment on-board to expedite repairing your air conditioning and make sure components don't fail again.

Rapid Response

Our existing and future Data Center and Medical clients are considered "Mission Critical" and benefit from our Rapid Response service: technicians are prepositioned around the tri-state area with parts on-board to intervene on your system within a 4-hour response window, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

HVAC Troubleshooting and Repair Quotes

You can count on our technicians to diagnose any problems you may be experiencing with your HVAC system. We do this by thoroughly inspecting the unit to identify what is causing your problem. In order to make sure you understand exactly what's going on with your HVAC system, our technicians will explain their findings in detail once we've identified the problem.

In addition to identifying the problem, we offer a comprehensive list of repair services specific to your situation. Your visiting technician will be able to quote you on the spot and can begin repair immediately should you wish. No repairs will be performed without your express consent.

Once all repairs have been completed, we test your heating and cooling system to ensure that it is working efficiently so you don't have to repeat old work. A detailed estimate and explanation of future HVAC system maintenance is provided at the end of the job.

Lightning Mechanical's goal is to keep your HVAC system running smoothly for years to come, which is why we go out of our way to provide quality service at lightning speeds.


HVAC Inspection and Preventative Repair Services in Paterson

In addition to quick and thorough HVAC repair services, Lightning Mechanical also provides inspection and preventative repair services. If you have a heating or cooling system that isn't operating at 100 percent, we can find out why and addresses minor issues before they cost you an overhaul.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Inspection

We inspect all components of your HVAC system to determine what is causing the problems at hand. We will identify any worn parts or faulty wiring by thoroughly examining your entire unit. Our skilled technicians will go through your heat pumps, heat exchangers, control machinery, refrigerant level, and thermostats to undertake a comprehensive audit of your air conditioning system.

If our technicians find anything, you'll be given two options for making the necessary repairs:

  • Replacing old parts with new ones - This type of repair can help extend the life of your unit and cost less than a full-scale overhaul.
  • Replacing the entire system - If you're looking to upgrade your HVAC system, we can replace old parts with new ones that will be more energy-efficient and effective at emitting heat or cooling as appropriate.

Either way, the service call should leave you more knowledgeable as to the state of your air conditioner and the risks it might incur.

HVAC Repair Company

Preventative Repair Services for Your Heating or Cooling System

Lightning Mechanical offers preventative repair services for heating and cooling systems to keep them functioning at their best. A clogged filter can cause various problems with your unit, including decreased efficiency, poor air quality, and increased noise. But where another contractor may simply replace a bad filter, Lightning Mechanical Services technicians are instructed to troubleshoot why the filter needs changing in the first place. AC unit filters have well-established service lives, and changing one too early or too late can indicate deeper rooted issues that we recommend you fix to prevent further damage to your system.

This kind of attention to detail is why we have a high customer retention rate. Our clients trust us to worry about the HVAC failing for them, so they never have to think of it again.

Residential HVAC Repairs in Paterson Near me

Lightning Mechanical is a leading provider of HVAC repair services in New York City and the surrounding area. Our technicians are available as far out as Syracuse, and Harrisburg for air conditioning repair on a wide variety of heat and air conditioning systems.

We are available for air conditioning repair appointments on the heating and cooling equipment to keep an individual house or multi-family residency tenants comfortable during the summer months and through the winter.

Lighting Mechanical can dispatch a professional technician for the following residential HVAC repair services:

  • Thermostat Repair
  • Filter Replacement
  • Condenser Fan Motor Repair
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Evaporator Coil Repair
  • Condenser Coil Repair
  • Compressor Repair
  • Refrigerant Gas Recharge
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Blower Motor Repair
  • Circuit Breaker Inspection
  • Heat Exchanger Repair
  • Drain Lines Repair

We guarantee that our HVAC technicians will arrive promptly and on time with high professional service standards and a courteous demeanor to keep your home comfortable.

HVAC Repair Company

Commercial and Industrial HVAC System Repair

Lightning Mechanical knows that downtime is the worst time. That's why our 24/7/365 priority rapid response teams guarantee that an HVAC repair technician is on the way to your commercial property ASAP. Send us an email to determine if your company is eligible for our 4-hour response window.

We offer comprehensive HVAC system repairs for commercial buildings of all sizes with expertise in specialized cooling and heating equipment relevant to your industry. We know you expect reliable labor for your business's HVAC system. We take pride in reducing downtime not just through expedited and reliable repairs but by performing a comprehensive system check to bring to light any underlying issues.

Our preventative repair services have saved clients and partner contractors millions of dollars over the years in avoided downtime.

Lightning Mechanical is the right air conditioning service and HVAC inspection provider for companies seeking reliable repair and reduced utility bills in the following industries:

  • Data Center
  • Medical Sector and Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Offices and Commercial Real Estate
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Logistics and Distribution Industry
  • Medical Sector and Hospitals
  • Government Sector
HVAC Repair Company
HVAC Repair Company

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At Lightning Mechanical, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the HVAC industry. Founded in 2005 by Craig Gallagher, a master HVAC contractor, we have been providing top-notch heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and ductwork services for over a decade. Our team of factory-trained technicians and engineers are experts in their field, and we have been a part of major turn-key projects.

Area we serve:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and professional courtesy has earned us a reputation as a trusted HVAC service provider in the New Jersey, including Paterson and Downtown Paterson, Northside (North Paterson), South Paterson (also known as Little Istanbul or Little Ramallah), Eastside Park Historic District, Hillcrest, People's Park, Lakeview, Riverside, Great Falls Historic District (includes Overlook Park), Manor Section (includes Paterson Museum and Paterson Library), Sandy Hill, South Paterson (also known as Little Lima), 4th Ward, 5th Ward. We have worked with a variety of clients, including whole foods and pharmaceutical firms, data centers, hospitals, and private residential clients.

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